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About our Loans

When Ends Don't Meet was formed to meet help the financial loan needs across multiple communities in the Southeast. We've partnered with 19 different lenders in multiple major metro communities to deliver a personal service to an increasingly technological process. Our partners adhere to our value of ethical lending practices, transparency in loans, and personal service. 

When Ends Don't Meet is not a payday loan company. Our lending partners are proud to offer affordable installment loans that give you money fast but also help you build good financial health.


So what’s the difference?


Payday Loans:

These loans promise quick cash for a short term at a high cost. It can be incredibly difficult to get out of this loan. If the loan is not paid back in time, the customer is caught in the “trap”.


How can you tell if you’re looking at a Payday Loan?

They will have:

  • No installments (monthly payments)

  • No fixed terms

  • No budgeting

  • You’ll need to have an active checking account

  • Payments paid back in full, on or before your next payday

  • The average loan term is 14-days (varies by state and loan amount)

  • Must provide a post-dated check

  • Do not report to credit bureaus

Installment Loans:

Traditional installment loans are based on stable information such as your budget and paycheck information. This helps to structure an affordable payment plan that can be easily followed. Money is provided quickly but lend responsibly​


When Ends Don't Meet Partners' installment loans provide:

  • Fixed monthly payments

  • Fixed repayment terms (installments)

  • Report to credit bureaus

  • Budgeting

  • No active Checking Acct necessary

It’s great to have the confidence of knowing exactly what to expect, with no surprises. Your installment loan can also help you build a strong credit report.

When ends don't meet, were here to help!

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