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Instances Where a Personal Loan May Be Appropriate for You

In contrast to home mortgages and auto loans, personal loans are rarely collateralized. They can be more inexpensive than credit cards but more expensive than different types of loans.

A personal loan may be used for almost any purpose. Certain direct lenders will want to know your plans for the money, while others will simply want to see that you have the financial means to repay it. Although personal loans are not inexpensive, they can be advantageous in various circumstances.

However, failing to make timely payments on an unsecured personal loan can damage your credit score and severely restrict your future credit options. According to FICO, the company that created the most widely used credit score, your payment history accounts for 35 percent of your credit score.

The following are some instances when a personal loan may be appropriate.

1. Financing a Major Improvement or Purchase to Your Residence

Consider getting a personal loan if your home improvement project will increase in property value. Unlike a home equity loan, you will avoid accumulating credit card debt and will not be required to pledge your home as collateral.

A personal loan may be less expensive than seller financing or using a credit card to purchase. If you have any equity in your home, a home equity loan or home equity line of credit may be even more affordable. Naturally, as they are both secured debts, you will be required to use your home as collateral.

2. Consolidating Your Credit Card Debt

A personal loan is one way to consolidate high-interest debt, such as credit card debt. The interest rate should ideally be lower than the interest rate on your current debt, allowing you to pay it off faster.

Assume a borrower with good credit has two credit cards, each with a $20,000 balance and a 24.99 percent interest rate, and each card requires $400 monthly payments. They could save $2,770 by consolidating their debts into a single loan at an interest rate of 18 percent and a three-year repayment period.

3. Having to Pay for Reasonable Life Events

A personal loan may be obtained if you require money immediately to cover bills, an emergency expense, or something else that requires immediate attention. Most lenders offer online applications that allow you to determine whether you've been approved quickly.

Although personal loans are less expensive and risky than payday loans, they can still carry high-interest rates, particularly for poor credit. If you lack an emergency fund, look for payday alternatives in your area. If you cannot obtain better terms through your doctor's office or a medical credit card, a personal loan for medical expenses is usually the best option.

Personal loans are a high-cost method of financing non-essential expenses such as a lavish wedding or vacation. Rather than that, begin saving for large-ticket items to avoid paying interest.


Before taking out a personal loan, weigh all of your options. Borrowing money should not be done lightly. Examine your financial situation instead to see if a personal loan is the best alternative for you.

Personal loans are a great option to 0 percent APR credit cards, but they are most valuable when combined with a strategy, just like any other financial product. After you've considered all of the above cases, conduct a soft inquiry on the lender's website or a third-party lending marketplace to see what options are available to you without jeopardizing your credit score. You should conduct a hard inquiry only after you've seen what you prequalify for.

If you need personal loans in Pelham, AL, get in touch with us! Our lending partners are pleased to offer low-interest installment loans to assist you in improving your financial situation. Get your loan today!

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